Market's made easy

We help consumer brand open the Chinese market by simplified and transparent partnership solutions.
It doesn't have to be complicated, so let's keep it simple. Let's build a strategy together, then let us worry about how to do it. 
Trust is key in working together, so we give full transparency in how we work, whom we work with and how we spend. 
We believe in what we do, so we don't want to make money if you don't. 
"Win Together, Lose Together"
It is complicated, so lets keep it simple
We specialize in bringing Consumer Brand and Products to the Chinese Market in a simplified and transparent way, we have a heavy focus on scalable partnerships. 
We like to work with committed and passionate people that believe in their products and brand, therefore we always have a "win together, lose together" approach. 
We leverage a large partnership network to get fast and scalable results!
Small and Sales Focused
We are a small team that works really closely with our partners in China. Our focus is on building sustainable sales and that is what our business is built around.

Open for the world's largest consumer market

"We work with what we believe in."

We partner with Consumer brands, so their products can reach their full potential in the growing Chinese markets; with a focus on growth and long terms of sustainability. 

Accessing China's fast-growing and highly competitive market opens a world of opportunities. With an out of experience and knowledge, we will walk with you through the complex jungle to become successful in China.


With experience and knowledge of Nordic and Chinese business culture and a large network, we now help Consumer brands to establish and grow on the Chinese market.

We have people from the Nordics in China and people from China in the Nordic countries. 


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