Simon Bugge – Speaker and CEO

With a proven track record Simon, have been working with brand sales and marketing over many years. Successfully starting his own firm and launching brands during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Since finishing high school 2011, Simon has worked and studied in China. Learning to work and run operations in both English and Chinese, to optimize the result of brands he is working with.

After having insight to into the consulting industry and seeing how brand get taken advantage of from consultants, lawyers and all other types of companies profiting on the difficult and differences in the market. Simon decided to openly share and help companies enter the market.

Through the years he has been working with multiple brands through launching and operation in China, building a lean approach to drive results and returns, while avoiding cost and mistakes.

Through this Simon have become an emerging expert in brand launches and operation in China.

Engaging keynote that delivers practical advice, understanding
and proven success points for launching your brand into China.

World Largest Consumer Market

China is the world largest consumer market with over 1,4 billion people. And it’s now going into the second stage of moving people into the middle class, a mark boom without comparison is about to happen. So sooner or later, you will have to go there, so get ready!

But with big opportunities come competition and challenges.
Both due to the size of the market, the cultural differences and language barriers.

So, to successfully enter the market regardless of if you do it alone or with help. Understanding what is going on is key to the success. There multiple key topics people usually make expensive misses on or opportunities that are missed.

To understanding the market, the forces and what is going on is key regardless of if your hands on or hands off.

From when, how, and where to start, to yours first
sales until reaching proffer breakeven and profitability.

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